Funds Deposit:

Funds Deposit:

You may deposit funds via Inter Bank Funds Transfer IBFT/Cheque into your Tannu Securities
Pvt Limited account via following Banks:
Account Title: Tannu Securities Pvt Limited– Client Account
Account Number: 0271-4013-5049
Branch: Stock Exchange Branch, Karachi
IBAN Code: PK15 MPBL 0118 0271 4013 5049

Funds Withdrawal:

You may place your cash withdrawal request through sending us a duly signed written request at
offices, Email, WhatsApp.
Your withdrawal request will be fulfilled through Crossed Cheque in your name. Either you may
receive the cheque at your local mailing address within Pakistan (as updated in our records)


All payments from the clients to the Tannu Securities Pvt Limited, as the case may be, shall be
made in the name of Tannu Securities Pvt Limited, through “A/c Payee Only” crossed cheque,
bank drafts, pay orders or other banking channels only