Management Profile:

Mr. Muhammad Imran Haroon - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Muhammad Imran Haroon is a revered figure in the business community, with an illustrious career
spanning within the brokerage industry. Serving as CEO, he has been instrumental in shaping the
corporate identity of the company. Under his stewardship, the company has witnessed unprecedented
growth in clientele, revenue, and capital. Leveraging his extensive expertise, Mr. Muhammad Imran
Haroon has played a pivotal role in fostering the company development, cementing its position as a
premier brokerage house in the industry.
Mr. Muhammad Imran Haroon has also a vast experience in real estate market.

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Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Muhammad Naeem Memon

Muhammad Naeem Memon, as our Chief Operations Officer, oversees our day-to-day operations,
ensuring efficiency and excellence across all functions. With a keen focus on strategic planning and
process optimization, he plays a pivotal role in driving our organizational growth and success.
Muhammad Naeem Memon leadership is instrumental in maintaining our commitment to delivering
exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Muhammad Waseem Haroon

Mr. Muhammad Waseem Haroon, a graduate of the Institute of Business Administration, embodies a
seasoned professional and entrepreneur with a rich history of success across diverse industries including
capital markets, automobiles, banking, and construction. His record of accomplishment reflects a deep
understanding and proficiency in various facets of business, including Business Management, Marketing
Management, Market Research, Business Relationship Management, and Business  Marketing
Strategy. With a keen eye for opportunities and a commitment to excellence, Mr. Haroon has
consistently delivered outstanding results, leveraging his skills to drive growth and innovation in every

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Compliance Officer

Mr. Muhammad Irfan

Muhammad Irfan brings over 13 years of comprehensive experience in Compliance, Finance,
Operations, and the Capital Markets. As a seasoned professional, he oversees all operational facets at
Tannu Securities Pvt Limited, ensuring seamless management and efficiency. Muhammad Irfan is
dedicated to monitoring and supervising all operational activities, contributing significantly to the
company growth and operational excellence.

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Head of Finance

Mr. Muhammad Saleem Vanjara

Mr. Muhammad Saleem Vanjara brings a wealth of experience and versatility to the currency, capital,
and commodity markets. As a major shareholder of Tannu Securities Pvt Ltd, he has played a pivotal role
in steering the company towards success. His expertise has been instrumental in leveraging
opportunities within these markets, contributing significantly to the company growth trajectory. Mr.
Vanjara commitment to excellence and his strategic insights have been invaluable assets in enhancing
the company standing and performance.

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Head of Settlement

Mr. Muhammad Shahid

Muhammad Shahid, our Head of Settlement, is instrumental in ensuring seamless transaction
settlements and financial operations. With meticulous attention to detail and a strategic approach, he
oversees the smooth execution of all settlement processes, contributing significantly to our operational
efficiency and client satisfaction. Muhammad Shahid expertise and leadership play a crucial role in
maintaining our high standards of reliability and accuracy in financial transactions.

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Head of I.T Department

Mr. Muhammad Farhan

Muhammad Farhan is a seasoned professional with 7 years of experience in Information Technology.
His expertise spans various roles, including Network Engineering and IT management. Currently, he plays
a pivotal role in managing the operations of the Online Trading Platform at Tannu Securities Pvt

Head of Retail Sales

Mr. Muhammad Omair Raza

Muhammad Omair Raza has over 17 years of experience in the Capital Markets with more than 10
years in Operations, Finance, Accounting, and Head of Risk Management. Currently, he serves as the
General Manager Head of Risk Management at Tannu Securities Pvt Limited. Omair Raza is dedicated
to translating the company’s vision into reality, leveraging strong visionary leadership qualities to
evaluate performance and productivity, enhance organizational image, and achieve overall growth and

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